Volunteer FAQ

Is HHH staffed entirely by volunteers?
No. We have a paid staff of about 70 people, some part time and some full time. Volunteers, in both clinical and support positions, augment and extend HHH’s ability to better serve the health needs of homeless persons in our community.

Who volunteers at HHH?
We have a wide variety of individuals volunteering, including clinical professionals, college and post-baccalaureate students, homemakers, and retired persons.

Can I volunteer even if I don’t have any previous medical training or experience?
Yes. For clinic support volunteer positions, we provide the necessary training. You just need to have a desire to serve, an interest in learning, and a commitment to supporting the mission of HHH.

Does HHH need volunteer clinicians?
Yes, especially primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, and dental hygienists. A current Texas license to practice is required.

What kind of time commitment is necessary?
Most volunteer positions are an integral part of daily clinic operations, so we need volunteers who can commit for a minimum of 104 consecutive hours for the medical clinic and 240 consecutive hours for the dental clinic. For clinicians, some less-frequent options may be arranged.

When are the volunteer shifts?
Volunteer shifts correspond with clinic schedules, almost all of which are during regular weekday business hours. See the General Information section for more details.

Are there any evening hours available for volunteering?
No. We do not have any evening clinic hours.

What about weekend hours?
HHH does have a Saturday morning clinic with a very limited number of volunteer opportunities.

What do I need to do if I want to become an HHH volunteer?
Please contact Mary Lynn Vaughan at Mary.L.Vaughan@bcm.edu for more information and to request an application.

Can I start volunteering as soon as I apply?
We usually maintain a waiting list, so it might not be possible to begin volunteering immediately.
HHH has a limited number of volunteer slots and they generally remain filled. However, openings occur from time to time, and when they do, we turn to the applications on file to match an available applicant to the open slot. So, getting an application on file is the important first step to volunteering.

Where are HHH’s volunteer opportunities located?
Most medical and dental clinic volunteer positions are at our primary location, 1934 Caroline (corner of Caroline and Pierce), south of downtown. We also have positions in our downtown location, Cathedral Clinic, at 1212 Prairie between San Jacinto and Caroline. There is free parking at Cathedral Clinic.

What about transportation?
The clinics are centrally located and easily accessible from all major freeways. There are also numerous bus links and easy Metro Rail access.