Street Outreach & Offsite Services

HHH was proud to be selected by the City of Houston as the lead agency for the “Integrated Care for the Chronically Homeless Initiative.” This project is part of a larger plan for reducing homelessness.  This endeavor employs “Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)” as part of the “housing first” and “integrated behavioral healthcare” models. Because HHH has worked, and continues to work, diligently to be at the forefront of coordinated service delivery and integrated behavioral healthcare, we were a clear choice to serve as the lead agency for the provision of supportive services for the City’s new PSH initiative. The care that HHH provides as the lead agency is essential in helping individuals stabilize and increase their chances of remaining off of the streets. This initiative will reduce the number of chronically homeless individuals and decrease costs associated with homelessness, such as preventable ER visits and incarcerations. 

Texas Senate Bill 1185: Jail Diversion Mental Health Pilot Program

It is reported that 20 – 25% of the jail population in Harris County is prescribed psychotropic medication while incarcerated, making it the Harris County Jail the largest provider of mental health services in the State of Texas. Texas Senate Bill 1185 addresses the need for a comprehensive state plan for mental health/criminal justice collaboration and established the “Mental Health Pilot Program” aimed at reducing recidivism rates. This initiative uses our nationally-acclaimed Jail Inreach Project as a model program and our jail-based services. HHH partners with Harris County Jail Diversion Program to carry out this program.