Research and Publications

Our leadership and staff regularly publish articles and make presentations to healthcare and homeless service organizations. A listing and archive is below:

February, 2019
Vanessa Schick, Lindsey Wiginton, Cathy Crouch, Ali Haider, Frances Isbell, “Integrated Service Delivery and Health-Related Quality of Life of Individuals in Permanent Supportive Housing Who Were Formerly Chronically Homeless”, American Journal of Public Health 109, no. 2 (February 1, 2019): pp. 313-319. Download PDF

April, 2014
Bray, James H., and Andrea Link. “Collaborations Across and Within Systems That Provide Services to Families without Homes.” Supporting Families Experiencing Homelessness. Springer New York, 2014. 105-120.

May, 2013
Brown, CA. Hickey, JS. Buck, DS. Shaping the Jail Inreach Project: Program Evaluation as a Quality Improvement Measure to Inform Programmatic Decision Making and Improve Outcomes. Resources and Services Administration, The National Institute of Minority Health and the Journal of the Poor and Underserved. Special edition: Evidence Informing the Next Generation of Quality Improvement Initiatives: Models, Methods, Measures and Outcomes. May 2013; 24(2): 435-443.  Download PDF

April, 2013
46th Annual Conference of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (Baltimore, MD) Link, Andrea; Buck, David; Nash, Susan. Poster: An Innovative Approach to Improve Street-Level Prostitutes’ Health: The Development of a Prostitution Recovery Program. Download PDF

November, 2012
Buck, David S., Brown, Carlie A., Mortensen, Karoline, Riggs, John W., Franzini, Luisa. Comparing Homeless and Domiciled Patients’ Utilization of the Harris County, Texas Public Hospital System.  Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2012; 23. Download PDF

June, 2012
Levin, Aaron. Huge Health System Makes Integrated Care a Reality.  Psychiatric News. 2012. Download PDF

February, 2012
Held, Mary L., Brown, Carlie, Frost, Lynda, Hickey, J.S., Buck, David.  Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care in Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Jail Releasees with Mental Illness. Criminal Justice and Behavior. 2012. Download PDF

May, 2011
Welsh, Kerry J., et al. Prevalence of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia in Houston Outreach Medicine, Education, and Social Services (HOMES) Clinic Patients: Implications for Student-Managed Clinics to Underserved Populations. Academic Medicine. 2011; 87(5). Download PDF

February, 2011
Buck, DS. Brown, CA. Hickey, JS. The Jail Inreach Project: Linking Homeless Mentally Ill to Community Health Services. Best Practices Column. Psychiatric Services. February 2011; 62(2):120-122. Download PDF

February, 2010
Brown, CA. Buck, DS. Challenges in providing healthcare for the homeless. Therapy Times. February 2010. Read More...

February, 2010
Buck, DS. Brown, CA. Healthcare for the Homeless. Letter to the Editor. Family Medicine. February 2010; 42(2): 83.

January, 2009
Buck DS, and King BT. Medical Student Self-Efficacy and Attitudes toward Homeless Patients. Virtual Mentor. 2009;11(1):32-37. Accessed January 8, 2009. Read more…

January, 2009
Buck, David S. M.D. MPH, and Harris, Carl. Brief Overview of Homelessness in America. Download PDF

Buck, David S., The Health of Homeless Children. Download PDF

Buck, David S.,, Design and Preliminary Validation of an Instrument fo Measure Medical Student Attitudes Toward the Homeless. Download PDF

Brown, Carlie, and David S. Buck. Findings for the 2007 Needs Assessment. Download PDF

Rochon, Donna, Buck, David S., Mahata, Kallol, Turley, James P. The Evolution of Goal-Negotiated Care, Health Informatics of Australia, Ltd. Download PDF

June, 2004
National Health Care for the Homeless Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) Roundtable Discussion: Research in Homeless Healthcare led by CHANGE Committee member. Download PDF

June, 2004
The Institute for Community Research (ICR) Conference (Hartford, CT) Paper: Participation of Homeless Patients in the Leadership of a Healthcare Organization. Download PDF

April, 2004
Buck, David S., Rochon, Donna, Davidson, Harriett, Sheryl, McCurdy.  Involving Homeless Persons in the Leadership of a Health Care Organization.  Qualitative Health Research. 2004;14:513-525. Download PDF

January, 2004
30th Anniversary Predoctoral Education Conference of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (New Orleans, LA) Paper: Health Professionals’ Attitudes Toward the Homeless Inventory (HPATHI). Download PDF

October, 2003
North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Conference (Banff, Alberta) Poster: An Innovative Approach to Giving the Homeless What They Want from Health Care. Download PDF

November, 2002
North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) Poster: Goal-Directed Care: The Homeless Don’t Want What We Want for Them. Download PDF

July, 2002
National Health Care for the Homeless Annual Conference (Chicago, IL) Poster: Involving Homeless Persons in the Leadership of a Healthcare Organization. Download PDF

February, 2001
29th Annual Predoctoral Education Conference of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (Austin, TX) Poster: A multidisciplinary, learner-centered, student-run clinic for the homeless. Download PDF