Juslon’s Story

Juslon moved to Houston in 2014 to be closer to her youngest daughter, who she briefly stayed with when she arrived. But having focused on raising her children for the last two decades, finding employment was difficult, and not wanting to impose on her daughter, she found herself in need of housing without the resources to secure it. A resource guide she found brought her to a local social service organization who linked her into care with Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston (HHH).

She first came into our medical clinic, where she worked with her doctor to start managing her high blood pressure. She saw our dentist, optometry, and an HHH Community Health Worker helped her secure a place in a local transitional living program, where she completed a residential two-year personal development and employment training program. Upon graduating from the program, Juslon found work in home healthcare and moved into her own apartment. She was back on her feet!

 Until August 2017, when the waters of Hurricane Harvey engulfed the apartment she worked so hard to obtain. Every photograph, every piece of clothing, every piece of furniture had to be left behind as she waded out of her flooding home. She found random shelter for the next couple of nights until she convinced a friend to take her to the George R. Brown (GRB) for emergency shelter. With resources scarce, she handed him her last ten dollars to help with gas, and walked into the GRB with almost nothing.

 Even in tragedy, Juslon never lost hope. If she had gotten back on her feet before, she could do it again. From the GRB, she transitioned into temporary housing, where she was reconnected with HHH through our Harvey Relief work with the City. After six months in temporary housing, she is again in an apartment through one of our housing partners and continues to work closely with our team. "HHH has been a big part of my journey," she says. Juslon's spirit and resilience have been a big part of our journey, too.



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