Dental Clinic

For people who live on the streets or have marginal housing, minimal income, and no health insurance, dental care often becomes a low priority. The result is poor oral hygiene, dental disease, and often, tooth decay and loss.

The “Smile Book” above shows the transformation that occurs when some of these homeless patients seek help at our clinic. In effect, the patients “get their smile back”. In addition, they gain the confidence needed to apply for social services, interview for jobs, and start to rebuild their lives.

Services and Schedules

For homeless men and women, we provide Houston’s only full service, no cost, dental clinic. It’s a six operatory facility located in the Caroline Street Clinic located at 1934 Caroline. Among the services we provide are:

Exams (comprehensive and emergency)
Preventive services
Periodontal therapy
Oral health education
Cancer screenings
Root canals
Crowns and bridges
Specialist referrals

The Dental Clinic is open Monday – Thursday, from 8AM to 5PM, and Fridays from 8AM to 12 Noon. The address and phone number is:

1934 Caroline Street
Houston, TX, 77002

Dental patients require a medical pre-screening and can schedule an appointment with the Caroline Street Medical Clinic or Cathedral Clinic for a referral.

If you are a dental professional, especially a dentist or an oral surgeon, we welcome your support as a volunteer. Please go here for more information on how to volunteer your services.

The HHH Dental Clinic receives funding and in-kind donations of supplies and equipment through the generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations and through public funds. On behalf of those we serve, many thanks to the Harris County Community Services Department, Bureau of Primary Health Care, Henry Shein Cares and The Methodist Hospital, and the local foundations and individuals who generously donate time and resources.