Clinic Support

No prior medical or dental training is necessary. Training is provided on the job.

General requirements
--A desire to learn and to serve homeless men, women and children with respect and compassion.
--Serious dedication to clinic service and reliability in attendance.
--At least 18 years of age.

Medical Clinic and Patient Assistant
Checks patients in; obtains medical records; assists with maintaining inventory of medical supplies;  other duties as assigned by the staff.
Minimum commitment of 104 hours.

Dental Assistant
Organizes and lays out instruments for dentist’s use; uses suction to keep patients’ mouth clear and dry during procedures; obtains patients’ dental records; other duties as assigned by the staff.
Minimum commitment of two shifts (half-day each) per week for at least 240 hours.

Pharmacy Assistant
Checks off medication orders; logs medications by quantity, lot number, expiration date, and invoice number; inventories medications at Caroline Street Clinic or Cathedral Clinic.
Time commitment – as needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.