Provide a pair of glasses for someone in need. 

A $100 gift provides
 a comprehensive eye exam and a pair of glasses for someone living in a shelter, in supportive housing, in temporary housing or on the streets. HHH's bi-annual Vision Fair is next week, December 3 - 7. It provides comprehensive eye exams and glasses for men and women affected by homelessness. 

In 1999, Drs. Russel & Lisa Malkik began setting up a mobile optometry office at HHH's largest clinic and donating their time and equipment to provide this invaluable service. Through these efforts, we have provided more than 4,000 pairs of glasses, comprehensive eye exams, diabetic vision screenings and referrals to specialty care.

More than half of Houstonians who are homeless report being age 50+ when they first lost housing. 18% report losing housing for the first time after the age of 60. For everyone, especially those over 50, vision care helps ensure basic daily functioning and promotes health and dignity. 51% of those served by HHH are over the age of 50.  

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