Spring Tour

13 community leaders toured clinic and outreach centers on May 3. To receive an invitation to the Fall Tour, contact kabsher@bcm.edu

Jail Inreach Program - Model Practice

Interagency Council on Homelessness cites HHH’s Jail Inreach Project as a model practice. Read more..

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon celebrates volunteer service. Click to see the photos.

HHH Dental Clinic receives award…(click for text and link to GHDS website.)

The Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston Dental Clinic received the 2011 Texas Dental Association Certificate of Merit in recognition of its efforts to serve the dental health and welfare of the disadvantaged population in the Houston area at the 141st Session of the House of Delegates in San Antonio on Thursday, May 5. Accepting the award on behalf of the dental clinic was Dr. Teresa Grygo, HHH's dental director. Also, in attendance were HHH staffers Angelica Montoya, Jazmin Ceballos and Ana Caraveo. The dental clinic was nominated in March by the Greater Houston Dental Society's Board of Directors.

Chapelwood United Methodist Church/Volunteers in Action donate 300 hygiene kits.

Success Stories
Examples of courageous people who are taking steps out of homelessness.

HOMES Clinic

Sundays 10AM-2PM


Contact information:
HOMES Clinic
1212 Prairie St
Houston, TX  77002

Executive Director
Stewart Master

H.O.M.E.S. stands for Houston Outreach Medicine, Education, and Social Services. It’s a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, student-run, free clinic for the homeless people of Houston.

Working together to staff the clinic are students from the following area institutions

Baylor College of Medicine
University of Texas – Houston Health Science Center
University of Texas – Houston School of Public Health
University of Houston College of Pharmacy

The HOMES Clinic began in 1999 when a group of medical students from Baylor College of Medicine and from the University of Texas at Houston got together with Dr. David Buck, from BCM, who would become President of Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston. They recognized an urgent need for the service and agreed to maintain clinic hours on Sundays because studies showed that medical care was non-existent for the homeless on that day, except at area emergency rooms.

Since its inception, the HOMES Clinic has involved hundreds of student volunteers and has served over 1,000 patients.

For more information, click here.

HOMES Signup time request form for Medical Students

Thank you for your interest in HOMES! We are tremendously appreciative of all the efforts of our volunteers, as are the patients that we have served.

Pharmacy Students and School of Public Health Students accompany up to 4 Clinical and 8 Basic Science Medical Students on our patient care teams Sunday. 4 Teams are assembled (maximum of 4 students per team). Managers must have completed our manager's training program.

There may be a lag time between when you post your request and when the schedule can be updated. It is possible that the date you request will already be taken by another HOMES volunteer. Signup is done on a first-email first serve basis.

E-mail address:

(Complete address, e.g. "jdoe@yourschool.edu")

First Name:

Last Name:







(if applicable)

Are you receiving course credit for working at HOMES?: (If ‘YES’, please include no. of visits remaining below)


Classification (year):

Position requested:

Are you willing to be additionally considered as an alternate?:


If you answered yes, may we contact you by telephone?:

Permission to contact by phone

Requested dates (mm/dd/yy):

Please submit any questions/comments you may have, especially if you answered "other" on any items.

The policy of HOMES Student-run clinic is to schedule students to volunteer at the clinic over an approximately two month span. Students may sign-up for as many or as few Sundays as they want. The schedules for students are either posted on the website (www.homeless-healthcare.org under student clinics and then under schedules) (for medical students and public health) or are scheduled by the school's coordinator (pharmacy). If a student is unable to attend the Sunday(s) scheduled, then it is the responsibility of the student to find a replacement the Thursday before and/or notify the HOMES representatives in charge of scheduling by this deadline. Students who do not find replacements or notify representatives within a timely manner may have their rights to participate at the clinic in the future suspended.
Students should arrive at the church by 8:00 am at the latest.
I have read the above policy and understand and accept the requirements and duties of participating in this program.
Select to submit your request. Thank you very much!
Select to erase everything in the form.